Requires Qualified, Trained & Experienced Teachers for the Academic Year 2024-25, ICSE & State Board for all the subjects


Human Beings are presented with all sorts of precious gifts by the Almighty.  One of the precious present is a TEACHER. Teachers are looked upon as a reflection of “Ocean of Knowledge” As a  single drop of water is essential for us, in the same way they pour the precious drops of knowledge on us.  They rescue students from “Dark Ocean Waves” and support to reach the “Bright Sand Banks” which is an safe place.  Although, teachers face several hardships and sank in a complicated world of taunts, they never fail to grant the best citizen for the country.  Thus, I wish all “PRECIOUS AND SELFLESS GIFT OF ALMIGHTY”, A Very Happy Teachers’ Day !!!  Janani B V –X ‘B’ ICSE

When anyone asks me, who is a teacher? My only reply would be she is my second mother. Who gave birth to a student in me.  Teachers are the sun who gives light to the moon (student) even in its darkest time.  They are the one who lit up the extinguished candle in a student.

Behind every successful man, there is a woman. In the same way, behind every successful student there is a teacher who stood by him/her in the darkest times, who taught him/her never to lose hope.

They form the beautiful colourful wings of a bird(student) who reach to the top of the blue sky.  There are no words to describe a contribution of a teacher in a student’s life.

Happy Teacher’s Day!!    – Deepika D Shetty  – X ‘A’ ICSE

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