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Clubs Inaugural Function Celebration

The inaugural function of the 27th ‘Apsara Science Eco Club’ & ‘Information Technology & Robotics Club,’ along with the 5th ‘The Quill Literary Club’ and ‘Kannada Kaaranji club’, was held on July 2, 2024. The program commenced with an invocation, followed by the introduction of the newly elected presidents and other leaders of all the clubs, who were then adorned with badges. The Chief Guests were: Mr. Lomesh M B, Fitness Nutritionist, Bengaluru for the Science Club; Mr. Pavan Ponnaganti, CEO of Playto Labs, Bengaluru, for the IT and Robotics Club; and Sri Mohan S, Kannada Resource person, for the Quill Literary & Kannada Kaaranji Clubs.
Students from various clubs presented an array of activities, including a presentation on the importance of organs, a quiz on scientists, demonstrations of Automatic Traffic Lights, a Fire Detector, an Obstacle Avoidance Robot, and a Quadcopter Drone. They also performed a mime addressing the negative effects of mobile phone use and presented an inspiring motivational song.
Congratulations to all participants for a fantastic start to the new academic year!

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