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Reunions remind us of the timeless connections and lasting legacies we share

On June 8, 2024, the students of the 1999 batch gathered with immense enthusiasm and excitement at Udupi Garden, Hesarghatta Road, Bengaluru, for a heartwarming reunion. The evening was filled with laughter, emotions, and cherished memories as students and teachers greeted each other, celebrating 25 years since completing their 10th standard.
The introductions were filled with nostalgia, and a highlight of the evening was a short video that took us down memory lane, beautifully capturing the essence of the shared journey. The presence of Principal Mrs. Chandra Ma’am and Thirumalesh Sir added a special touch to the occasion.
Principal, Mrs. Chandra was delighted to see her former students flourishing in their careers and personal lives. It brought her great satisfaction to witness their success and stability. In a sincere gesture, she offered her blessings and heartfelt wishes to all.
The beautiful evening concluded with the cake cutting, delicious dinner, and lively interactions between students and teachers.

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