Requires Qualified, Trained & Experienced Teachers for the Academic Year 2024-25, ICSE & State Board for all the subjects

Chairman's Message to the Parents

As said, “Home is the first school and parents are the first GURU, it is our firm belief that parent’s role in the all-round development of the child is very crucial. Our team of professionals strives hard to establish continuous communication between Parents, Teachers and Administration through orientation meetings for parents, individual and group conferences between parents and teachers. This mutual cooperation and trust acts as a bridge in solving individual problems and moulding the future of the children.

Hence, I would appreciate if you go through this website and get the glimpse of our institution. We look forward to a long and fruitful association with you in our endeavour to bring up an emerging generation who possess a global perceptive and will be positive contributors in the society as a whole.


My Warmest Greetings to you, 

The school Diary offers you complete information regarding the school and its work. We have a team of professionals, dedicated to provide your children with distinctive academic service. 

However, it is necessary to realise that parents’-teachers’ need to work together for all-round development of the children. 

Apart from the general orientation meeting for parents, individual and group conference between parents and teachers are very essential to solve individual problems with mutual co-operation. Our mutual rapport should be worthwhile. Hence, I would appreciate if you read every page of this diary and confirm your agreement with the school requirements and regulations and help us to make your children understand what they are expected to achieve. 

Let the acceleration of the academic and social growth of the children be our joint responsibility.