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St. Mary’s Convent & Public School celebrated Children’s Day with great festive fervour to commemorate the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. The event aimed to honour the innocence, creativity, and potential of the young minds that constitute the future of our nation. The celebration commenced with a soulful invocation song that set a harmonious tone, creating an atmosphere of festivity.

Following the melodious start, Mrs. Fizza Begum, high school faculty, delivered a warm welcome speech, emphasizing the significance of Children’s Day. The celebration took a vibrant turn with energetic dance performances by both students and teachers, symbolizing the rich cultural diversity of the nation. Their performances enriched the sense of unity, creating lasting memories for everyone involved and holding special meaning for the St. Mary’s School community. The school Principal, Mrs. Chandra, addressed the children and shared a few words of wisdom. It was a fun-filled day for students, and the campus was buzzing with excitement and joy.

Let the spirit of innocence and creativity continue to flourish in the hearts of our future leaders.

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