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Clubs Valedictory Celebration!

The valedictory function of the IT Club, Apsara Science Eco Club, Kannada Kaaranji Club, and The Quill Literary Club was held recently. The event started with a warm welcome from Mayank R of Grade IX ICSE, followed by a series of captivating presentations.

The IT Club members showcased a program on “Human vs. Machine,” while the Apsara Science Club inspired with a motivating dance titled “Girls Towards Mars.” The Quill Literary Club entertained with their rendition of “Julius Caesar” and a hilarious skit on “Idioms.” And let’s not forget the beautiful performance of “Kamsale Nrutya” by the Kannada Kaarangi Club!

Congratulations to our best performers, who were honored with prizes from our principal, Mrs. Chandra. The dedication and enthusiasm of all club members and teachers were acknowledged and appreciated by the principal, serving as a guiding force and inspiration.

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