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The celebration of Blue Colour Day was a delightful event for the UKG tiny tots, as they embraced the pleasant and hopeful shade of blue. The day commenced with a prayer, followed by the little ones performance; it was mesmerizing to see the tiny tots in their beautiful blue attire. The little ones took the stage one by one transformed into beloved characters such as Doraemon, Frozen Princess, Butterflies, Peacocks, Sharks, Ocean, Bluebirds, and Blueberries. The array of costumes added a touch of whimsy and charm to the event. Mrs. Harsha, uplifted the spirits of the children with her melodious blue colour song. The Vice Principal, Mr. Thirumalesh, graced the event and extended his warm wishes. The celebration was a vibrant and memorable experience, highlighting the beauty and significance of colors in our lives.

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