Requires Qualified, Trained & Experienced Teachers for the Academic Year 2024-25, ICSE & State Board for all the subjects

Teachers Orientation Programme 2023-24

The Management organized a 4-day Teachers’ Orientation Programme to update the knowledge and skills of the staff. The event brought together esteemed resource persons who shared their profound ideologies and thoughts, creating a powerful environment for knowledge sharing. The programme delved deep into the essence of education and its transformative impact.
The sessions covered various important aspects of the National Education Policy (NEP) implementation relevant to the teachers’ roles and responsibilities. Topics included competency-based education, multidisciplinary learning, flexibility in curriculum design, assessment reforms, and teacher capacity building. The delivery methods employed catered to different learning styles, ensuring active participation through interactive workshops, discussions, hands-on activities, case studies, role plays, and expert presentations.
Additionally, the programme provided teachers with well-organized and easily accessible resource materials related to NEP implementation. Overall, the Teachers’ Orientation Programme was an enriching experience that equipped the staff with updated knowledge and tools to excel in their teaching endeavors for the upcoming academic year.

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